Why Does Internet Marketing Need Graphics?

Why Does Internet Marketing Need Graphics?

If you are in the internet marketing industry, then you’ll know that marketing graphics are essential. This is why talented graphic designers are in so much demand for this niche. On internet marketing forums, you’ll see that marketing graphics is one of the most popular services. They probably have the most views and replies.

Not all graphic designers are alike. There are many that design brilliant eye-catching graphics but the style is out-dated. Nowadays, people are looking for web 2.0 graphics which are the trend. Old styled graphics make the website appear old-fashioned and have old information.

This is especially important to internet marketing because this is one of the industries that changes a lot. There are so many new products that are launched and so many new marketing techniques, that even experienced internet marketers are having trouble keeping up. Therefore web 2.0 graphics will make the website seem updated and give a good impression to visitors.

So why is the internet marketing industry so in love with marketing graphics? The reason is simple. Professional graphics increases conversions. Internet marketers are smart people. They would not waste money buying things which don’t give them a return.

It has been proven that graphics will give the website a professional impression and make the visitors trust the business more. If you want to buy something online, would you buy it from a website that looks as though it’s designed by a kid?

As well as making a website look professional and legit, graphics will tell the visitor right away what the website is about. Since the visitor is attracted by the marketing graphics and has a good idea of what the website has to offer, they are more likely going to read your sales letter or sales video.

This is what I learned when I first started to design minisite graphics for online business owners. The header was so important that I had to change it 3 or more times on some occasions. My marketing clients are obsessed with displaying attention- grabbing graphics on the headers with an enticing tag line.

eCovers are always ordered with a minisite design because they make the intangible ebook seem tangible. This image will make the reader more likely to buy as they think they are getting something valuable in return. It is very rare that you don’t see an ecover image with a website selling an ebook.

You may be surprised to know that marketers also have high expectations for their order buttons or add to cart buttons. These images are important because they make the prospect click on it to purchase.

If an order button does not look attractive or trustworthy, then that’s sales lost. I am very lucky to be in the business of graphic design as I learned about the importance of web 2.0 graphics and sales conversion. Marketing graphics is here to stay as long as people sell online.