How To Increase Web Traffic By Writing Guest Posts

How To Increase Web Traffic By Writing Guest Posts

One of the best ways to increase web traffic is by being a guest blogger. This involves writing a post for a blog that is related to your niche. Your post will be published on the blog with a mention of you as the author.

The benefits of writing guest posts are:

1. Authority

When a popular blog has a post that has you as the author, you will be seen as an authority in your nice. Why else would the blog owner have you write a post

What you are doing is leveraging the popularity of the blog and associate yourself with it.

2. Relationship Building

When you write a good guest post and you start answering comments, you will gradually improve the relationship with the blog owner. This opens up more opportunities for you such as more guest posts and maybe the owner will promote your product.

Don’t forget that you also build a good relationship with the readers of that blog who will check out your website and products.

3. Generate Traffic

Guest posts are powerful in driving traffic to your website. All the readers of your guest post are most likely going to visit your website if you write good content. Also other experts who read your post will also want to know more about you.

The imminent end result is increase in web traffic.

4. Search Engine Optimization

Anther major advantage of posting as a guest blogger is the search engine benefits that you receive. In your post you can have a link to your website using an anchor text link.

Just hyperlink a keyword you want to rank for to your website. However, make sure this is done smoothly in the article. Don’t make it seem as though you are deliberately putting an anchor text link for the sake of it.

This anchor text will give you a one way back link to your website or blog. Since the blog you are posting on is a high-traffic blog, you will get a high quality back link that will help your search engine rankings a lot.

Writing as a guest blogger has several benefits. This is why a lot of well know marketers do this on a consistent basis. It’s a free way to generate traffic and it also builds your relationship with other online entrepreneurs.

The key however, is to offer a quality post. Make sure that the post has something which the readers find useful and entertaining to read. If not then the blog owner won’t approve of your post anyway.

You need to make sure that the blog you are writing for has a lot of traffic otherwise you are wasting your time. To check the blog’s traffic, go to and do your research.

Additionally, promote the blog post which you made. This will generate traffic for the blog owner and he will take more notice of you. Develop this into a good friendship and it can open more opportunities for you other than increase in web traffic.